Microsoft DevOps Engineer

Rabobank - 2020/1720

36,00 uur
5 maanden
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Yellow Friday
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Yellow Friday is op zoek naar een Microsoft DevOps Engineer 

Informatie over de opdracht

Imagine the smile on the face of your colleague when starting up in the morning and finding the perfect workplace. You as a Senior Microsoft DevOps Engineer make it possible by using your expertise and communication skills to build and maintain technical solutions so our users can work anywhere, anytime.

As a DevOps engineer you can make the difference; Base workplace and applications provides IT infrastructure and platforms that enable all employees of the Rabobank to access the applications and do their work. This directly contributes to our “Always on” Strategy by enabling secure working anytime, anywhere
The departments consist of Applications Services:
Build, test and deploy applications and updates so that applications are available on workplaces when and where they are required
Client Computing: provide the global workstation build/configuration of W10. This is the team you are going to work for.
Core services: provide critical services behind the scenes that enables users and systems to connect securely to the network. This includes authentication/AD (active directory), Intune/SSCM, File Services and workstation security.
The departments works with self-organising DevOps teams. Each team is responsible for a specific service our colleagues are using.
The team
The DevOps teams currently exists of 80 professionals: Product Owners, Scrum Masters and DevOps engineers. Imagine you are working in a multi-disciplinary team within Base Workplace & Application and develop and support functionality for more than 40000 colleagues. At one moment you are helping out colleagues so they could do their daily business and at another moment you are working on the new future proof infrastructure of the bank.
The Job
As a senior Microsoft Engineer within the Client Computing team of Base Workplace and Applications, you are responsible for engineering high quality workplace services based on Microsoft Windows 10
The role requires strong technical, communication and documentation skills to effectively plan, design and engineer new global solutions that operate reliably, efficiently and securely. You must be enthusiastic, proactive and capable of managing your work independently and in a timely fashion.
You work in a DevOps team with colleagues based in Utrecht and are required to interface with projects, IT and business units from different locations translate real world business requirements into secure, well managed solutions for a demanding enterprise environment. Security and automation are key focus points and all solutions must keep this in mind.

Eisen waaraan je moet voldoen

Nevenfuncties vermelden op cv

Rabobank vereist dat alle nevenfuncties die de kandidaat de afgelopen vijf jaar heeft gehad worden vermeld op het cv.
Rabobank stimuleert dat medewerkers buiten hun functie bijdragen aan sociale en maatschappelijke netwerken. Wel geldt dat een inhurend manager voorafgaand aan contractering beoordeelt of er sprake is van (mogelijke) belangenverstrengeling. Kandidaten dienen voorafgaand aan contractering melding te maken van alle nevenfuncties tot vijf jaar terug. De inhurend manager neemt hiertoe het initiatief en brengt dit tijdens de intake ter sprake, zodat ook de inhoud van deze functies besproken kan worden. Vermelding op het cv draagt bij aan een volledig beeld en goede beoordeling.

Een aanbieding zonder motivatie (dus waarom u de juiste kandidaat bent en hoe u matcht op de eisen die in de aanvraag staan) wordt niet in behandeling genomen.

CV moet aangeleverd worden in de Nederlandse  taal

Engelstalige kandidaat is niet toegestaan 

Bij aanbieden gaat u er automatisch mee akkoord dat er 2 gratis inwerkdagen van toepassing zijn.
De Rabobank checklist moet ingevuld meegezonden worden.

This customer does not hire freelancers (zzp'ers) and DGA’s. Candidates must be employed by our supplier or must be payrolled by us during the project.

Deep technical knowledge of Windows 10 and application technologies
Address technical and security questions
Offer insight into best practices and manage Proof-of-Concepts
Analytical and problem solving, happy to search for answers
Hands-on and 'getting things done' attitude
Good communications skills (verbal and written - English)
Team player and flexible in case work is required out of hours
Innovative, proactive and customer focused
Strong security awareness
Patient with both people and technology, happy to share knowledge and investigate issues thoroughly
Knowledge and experience of the following technologies is required:
Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Enterprise technologies (MD100, MD101), Office 365, Microsoft 365 and experience with Microsoft Azure
Experience of Modern desktop management of Windows utilising SCCM and Intune
A broad level of knowledge over a wide spectrum of technologies including operating systems, networking, web technologies, databases and systems management
PowerShell scripting and / or experience with configuration management technologies highly desirable
ITIL and / or DevOps awareness
Natural decision-making abilities
Security aware
Knowledge of the following is also beneficial:
SQL / WQL queries

Extra informatie

Levering aan Rabobank geschiedt via Cegeka (voormalig KPN ict Consulting). Yellow Friday verzorgt voor hen de recruitment activiteiten voor deze eindklant. Wij zijn aan Cegeka (voormalig KPN ict Consulting) single supplier voor de levering aan deze eindklant.

Een aangeboden cv moet de volledige NAW, geboortedatum, het telefoonnummer en het e-mail adres van de kandidaat bevatten

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